M A G I C   I N V E N T O R


"Angelo Carbone may be the most creative person  on the face of the planet. At least, he is the most brilliant thinker in the world of magic today."

Steve Fearson

"Angelo Carbone is one of the most clever

and creative minds in magic."

Richard Kaufman


"Angelo is a quiet genius and anything from him is going to be astonishing and direct. One of magic's finest living inventors."

Derren Brown

"I regard Angelo as one of the most creative people in magic."

Chris Kenner

"Angelo is a freaking genius!"

David Regal

"Angelo Carbone is in the very highest echelon of the most creative magic

minds in the world."

Matt Field

"A genius and a bright star in the magical firmament. The new Robert Harbin."

Bobby Bernard

"Angelo is, without a doubt, one of

magic's true innovators."

R Paul Wilson

"Angelo is incredibly clever and one of the

most creative magical thinkers around."

Martin Breese

"One of the greatest creators in magic,

probably of this century. Genius!"

Dave Bonsall

"Angelo is potentially one of the most creative forces in magic."

Anthony Owen

"One of the most creative magicians in the world."

Andi Gladwin

"Angelo Carbone is racing

up the inside straight as one of the

brilliant young ideas men of modern magic."

Malcolm Yaffe

"Angelo Carbone is a name I always watch out for. His ideas are fresh and imaginative."

Peter Duffie

"Angelo Carbone in my humble opinion is one  of the greatest thinkers in magic."

Paul Romhany 

"One of the most clever inventors

and magic thinkers of our generation."

Brett Barry


"A massively creative genius!"

Craig Petty

"Angelo Carbone is one of the most clever creators of magic I know.

Asi Wind