A borrowed deck suspension


The magician uses his own deck or borrows one. The deck is removed from its case and placed on top of the empty card case. Slowly, the card case is removed from under the deck until it no longer fully supports it. The deck remains suspended in air with no apparent means of support. A card is even passed under the deck to dispell the suspicion of support from underneath. Slowly the case is pushed back under the deck and the deck is removed. Everything can be examined.


Hover is a great opening effect to any card routine.

Use any deck of cards.




"This fooled me badly when I first saw it and the method is ingenious. Another terrific Carbone item!"

David Regal


"The definition of 'classic' is something judged over time to be of the highest quality, class or rank. With Angelo's 'Hover', I say WHY WAIT?"

Greg Wilson


"Angelo Carbone is so damn clever that it wants to make me cry. This is excellent in every way and I think you will enjoy performing it."

Matthew Field


"The most impossible looking illusion that you can carry around in your pocket."

Tom Crosbie