The Gift



A freely selected card matches a prediction


A spectator chooses any number between 1 and 52 and deals to that card face up. The spectator themselves removes the lid from the box and removes the prediction inside which is unfolded and seen to be 100% correct.


What is great about the trick is that the spectator can open the box themselves and can see there is only a single folded paper in the box which they can remove.

An impossible prediction with a clever method which has fooled some of the top minds in magic.

Winner of the Trick of the Year for 2017.

"Angelo fooled me with his original version and the finished product is just wonderful! It's a beautiful trick and a very versatile prop with all the trademark elegance we'd expect from one of close-up magic's finest living inventors."
Derren Brown


"One of the most miraculous things I've ever seen."

Richard Kaufman

"I have always been a fan of Angelo's creations. The Gift is another example of Angelo thinking outside the box. I love it!"

Asi Wind

"Wow that is fantastic!"

David Regal

"I was fooled badly! There is nothing in magic like this. Angelo is a genius and this release is something that you will love performing!"

Luca Volpe

"Absolutely Wonderful!"

Tomas Blomberg

"It's absolutely fantastic!"

Mark Elsdon

"Bloody brilliant! Absolute Genius!

Jamie Badman

"Absolutely Unbelievable!"

Dave Bonsall


"Absolutely brilliant! A reputation making trick. Highly recommended!"

Craig Petty (YouTube Review)

"In a word: Perfection! A real fooler! Highly recommended!"

David Oliver (Genii Magazine Review)

"This is an extremely clever tool for magicians and mentalists. I can see everybody wanting to use this and fool the pants off their audience. I feel this is perhaps Angelo's best creation to date."

Paul Romhany (Vanish Magazine)

"It is so clean and it is so beautiful!"

Wayne Fox (YouTube Review)

"I love this, I didn't think I would have liked this so much, it's so much fun to play with and people find the routine very strong."

Alexis De La Fuente (Web Review)

"This is an ingenious gaffed box that can be used for a multitude of wonderful, strong mentalism effects." Michael Siegel (Web Review)