Tenyo's Prison Box



A puzzling piece of magic with a borrowed finger ring


A borrowed finger ring is threaded and locked onto one of three metal bolts inside a box. The ring is trapped in the end compartment and there is no place for it to escape. With a magical flourish, the ring jumps to the other end bolt and finally jumps to the middle bolt. The spectator can remove the ring from the bolt themselves. All can be fully examined.


Again like most of Angelo's effects, this uses a clever principle which is hidden by the design and shape of the box.


A modern take on the classic 'Monkey Bar' effect.



"Prison Box by Angelo Carbone is a standout that will take its place beside the very best items ever released by the company for its utter unfathomability."

Richard Kaufman

"A masterpiece! Certainly one of my three Tenyo's favourite!

Jean-Jacques Sanvert



Steve Cohen


"Angelo Carbone has a winner with this one. Clever, clever, clever!"