Squeeze Thru



A classic stage illusion now in close-up


A borrowed finger ring is threaded and tied onto a piece of string. The string is threaded through a solid plastic plate and then passed through the top of the box. The solid plate is inserted into the box, dividing it into two. The ring hangs below the plate and is too big to pass through the small hole in the plate. The box is closed and by pulling the string upwards, the ring is magically pulled through the solid plate and into the top compartment. The lid is removed to prove this. The plate can be examined and the ring is returned to its rightful owner.


The box does all the work, a simple tug on the string and the magic is done.


A close up version based on the illusion called 'Through the Eye of a Needle'.



"Super Clever!"

Greg Rostami

"Through the Eye of the Needle never looked any better. Another winner from Angelo. Easy to do, amazing in effect and more cunning than you could imagine!"

Simon Lovell