Zig Zag Deck



A stage illusion up close


A deck of cards is freely shown on all sides and inserted into its case. Half the case is slid to the side exposing the deck inside. One by one the exposed cards are pushed aside until there is an open gap running right through the deck. The deck has indeed been zig zagged. The cards are slid back and the case slide back too and the deck is finally removed and shown. All is as it should be and each card is intact.


This illusion uses two unique principles one of which allows the face card of the deck to be shown completely solid and gimmick free right up until the last moment as it enters and leaves the case. Thus, it is impossible that it and the rest of the cards can slide across.



"Really incredible....you fooled me again completely and I love it... Bravo Angelo!!!! Great fan of your miracles...always!!!"
Gaetan Bloom


"You clever person, you!"

Tomas Blomberg

"Love it!"

R Paul Wilson

"Magic GENIUS. I love it!"

Greg Rostami


Matthew Field


Danny Archer

"Beautiful work as ever Mr Carbone!"

Michael Murray

"Very nice Angelo!"

Steve Cohen

"I want one. Great trick and fooled me!"

Geno Munari

"So good! I for one am happy that you use your genius for good!"

James Went

"I don't even know. Fooled badly!"

Lloyd Barnes