Zig Zag Milk



A classic stage illusion up close


A glass is filled to the brim with milk and inserted into a wooden box. The glass can be seen through a small door up until the last moment before the magic occurs. The middle of the box is slid all the way to the left leaving the glass in an impossible trisected state. The small door is once again opened and the glass is still seen. The middle of the box is slid back to its normal positon and the glass of milk is carefully removed and shown to be intact.


The fact that a full glass of milk is used in this effect makes the illusion even more impossible because milk can easily spill. It is an object anyone can relate to and and its properties enhance the illusion immensly.

"This is probably the greatest Zig Zag since the Zig Zag! It's absolutely incredible! Fools the hell out of everyone, me included. Genius!"

Paul Kieve

"This is without doubt the most baffling and powerful Zig-Zag I have ever seen... It fooled the living s**t out of me. Bravo Angelo!"

Simon Lovell

"A thing of beauty!"

David Regal

"Bravo Angelo! So clever!"

Gaetan Bloom

"Angelo, you're kicking my ass! Love it! Put me down for the first one."

Richard Kaufman

"Fooled off the charts man! That is amazing!"

Michael Vincent

"Always loved this trick of yours. Harbin would have been proud."

Jon Allen


Ian Rowland

"AMAZING! There's NO way that's possible."

Greg Rostami

"Really Incredible!"

David Sandy


Mickael Chatelain

"Astounding as always Angelo!"

James Brown

"Love it!"

Luca Volpe

"No idea!"

Terry Herbert