Notion of Motion



An any card called for card rise


A cased deck of cards is shown on all six sides - all is as it should be. The cards are removed, fanned and ribbon spread to show all 52 faces. The interior of the case is shown completely empty and the cards are returned back inside and the flap is closed. The cased deck is held in one hand only with all four real fingers and real thumb in view. For the first time a playing card is freely named. Absolutely no force at all. The flap is opened. Slowly... the card starts to rise.


Notion of Motion uses no electronics, weights, magnets or threads.

Each deck is precision made in Bicycle card stock for right handed operation.

Cards are separate from one another and can be fanned or spread. After the rise, the card can be pushed back down into deck and the effect immediately repeated with a different card. The card can even sink down all by itself at your command, should you so wish. You have total control of how fast a card rises or descends and when it rises.

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"This is the best rising card trick I have ever seen. I have no idea how you did it."

Paul Harris


"Brilliantly inexplicable until you learn the method. Inexplicably brilliant when you do."

Guy Hollingworth


"It's perfect and impossible in effect and hugely impressive in method. Angelo is a quiet genius, and anything from him is going to be astonishing and direct."

Derren Brown


"This is not a self-working trick but it's a bloody miracle. Angelo sat on the floor of a hotel room in bright sunlight two feet from my face and - several times in a row - made any card called for rise. I didn't have a clue."



"I am thrilled! Your card rise is most magical."

Jeff McBride


"That's terriffic! I have no concept of how it works. Fooled the hell out of me."

Harry Lorayne


"It looks like you are doing the Hooker Card Rise described, but never disclosed, on page 424 in Greater Magic. You have created and combined some very diabolical secrets. I could not imagine the real methods. You fooled me at every moment with this astounding miracle. Congratulations!"

Tim Conover


"The Hooker Card Rise requires a truck to transport. Angelo's Notion of Motion travels in your shirt pocket. I can't comment on Angelo's method as I have no idea how it works. Congratulations on creating a true miracle."

Mike Caveney


"A masterpiece of magical invention. The method is as brilliant as the effect. More amazing, still, is that this is just one of Angelo's remarkable creations. He is, without a doubt, one of magic's true innovators."

R Paul Wilson


"Your creation is one of the great card tricks of all time. Next to the efforts of Dr. Hooker, this is the most amazing rising card effect I have ever witnessed."

Gordon Bean


"I am fooled and mystified. Best of all I feel like the floor has opened up beneath me and I'm still falling. Angelo Carbone's "Notion of Motion" is perfection."

David Regal


"Angelo's rising card routine is exactly what the rising cards would look like if you could do REAL MAGIC! If you are looking for a MIRACLE to perform... this meets all the requirements."

Steve Fearson


"Absolutely beautiful! Pure genius. I am clueless to the workings. It is much easier than the Ariston version and far superior too."

Billy McComb


"So cunning you can pin a tail on it and call it a fox. The effect is absolutely astonishing and the method's so ingenious that you'll wonder if Angelo is actually an alien from a superior planet!"

Simon Lovell


"This is the best rising card trick I have ever seen."

Jeff Sheridan


"I want to go on record as stating that ANGELO CARBONE's invention wherein ANY CARD CALLED FOR rises up singly from the center of a deck in a cardbox, which has been shown inside and out fairly, before the deck is placed within, is the most UNFATHOMABLE FEAT WITH CARDS I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY 43 YEARS IN MAGIC!"

Gregg Webb


"All the power of a $25,000 version of the same trick. Very clever and strong magic."

Darren Romeo



"Wow! That's amazing!"

Jeff Hobson


"Notion of Motion is the most ingenious and miraculous rising card effect I've ever seen. The method and effect are equally remarkable."

Paul Kieve


"I think Notion of Motion is one of the best ideas to come around for a long time. It's a great item. What a fabulous concept."

John Mendoza


"It is the best rise of all card rises."

Marc Salem


"You are a genius! What a very clever method. What great craftsmanship."

Paul Green


"I cannot possibly think how mechanically it can be done."

Dan Harlan


"I just think that the effect is awesome. I must say that the craftsmanship, the concept, and the routining ideas that came with "Notion of Motion" are all top notch. I have not found any routine that could possibly come close to matching its stature or impossibility."

Paul Hartman


"That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Fabulous!"

Matt Field


"If I had to imagine the perfect rising card, it would look exactly like Carbone's creation."

Asi Wind


"Wow! I got it today. I am very impressed."

Joshua Jay

"Best effect I've seen for years. It's a really good feeling - like a kid again and get this sense of being fooled. I love it!"



"I just received your effect. All I can say that I am flabbergasted at the mechanics and the effect. It is really much easier to use than the Ariston version. It is the BEST effect I have ever seen! My hat off to you."

Geno Munari


"I love it. It is a beautiful and stunning effect and I thank you for sharing it with me. Since I have received your marvellous effect I have been really fooling the boys if you will. I've had people drive considerable distances because they don't believe what others are saying is possible. Thank you for a wonderful card mystery."

Newell Unfried


"I'm totally blown away by the artistry of this product. Absolutely dynamite effect, extremely workable, unbelievable craftsmanship to create, and some creative approaches which make it relatively angle proof -- WOW! Having purchased many effects over the years, and in many cases thinking I did not get my money's worth, I am again a believer in what the artisans of our craft can create."

Scott Leavitt


"It is so ingenious and well constructed that I just don't have a clue as to how you even make it. One of the best tricks I have ever seen and I think you could say that I have seen more than most."

Martin Breese


"It is an incredibly engineered and well thought out effect."

Robb Weinstock


"It continues to be the most powerful effect in my repertoire."

Dudley Allyn Tucker


"It is ingenious and truly workable. It is clean from the beginning till the end. If you are looking for the best card rise, your quest is over. This is really a purchase I am not regretting."

Ben G


"Very direct, clever and strong. Amazing!"

Sol Stone


"Pretty damn amazing. You are the Leonardo De Vinci of card rising inventors."

Matt Phillips