Shake, Rattle & Hole



A visual appearing and vanishing hole


A deck of cards is shown to be all different and all solid. The deck is replaced back in its case and is clearly seen through the large hole cut out of the case.

The deck is given a quick shake... magically a large hole appears right through the entire deck.

With another shake, the hole visibly heals up!


Original, Visual Magic. Diabolic method that uses three principles.



"Angelo Carbone's Hole Deck warps reality so severely that a tear in the fabric of space and time becomes as plausible an explantaion as any. Absolutely fantastic!"

Steve Fearson


"Angelo Carbone continues to astonish me with his creativity. His latest, 'Shake, Rattle and Hole' is a jaw dropping illusion."

Richard Kaufman


"When Angelo showed me 'Shake, Rattle and Hole' at FISM, I was rendered speechless. And for those that know me, that is one heck of a feat."

Greg Wilson


"Another one of Angelo's visually stunning magical creations... Holey Moley indeed!"

Simon Lovell


"Once again Angelo brings out a trick that will fool the heck out of you. Shake, Rattle & Hole is a diabolically clever effect well within the ability of all magicians. Thank goodness he uses his powers for good and not evil!"

Jon Allen


"This is one of the most visually impossible effects Angelo has ever created, and given his output, that's saying a lot. The combination of so many devious secrets in one trick is absolutely mind-boggling."

Matt Field


"The coolest thing I have seen for a long time!"

Matthew Johnson