Out of Order



A riveting card trick


Four playing cards in numerical order and with alternating coloured backs are shown to be riveted together. The cards can be swivelled around freely but cannot change order due to being clamped by the rivet. The fan of cards are closed and handed to a spectator to hold. After a magical gesture is executed, the spectator fans open the cards and two of the cards have switched places and the sequence of cards are now out of order. The cards can be fully examined and no matter what is done, the cards cannot not go back to the original order.


Only four cards are used and are completely examinable.


This is the ORIGINAL riveted four card trick which unfortunately has inspired countless rip offs.



"Out of Order is one of the greatest packet tricks of the past 20 years. It's absolutely fantastic... absolutely divine!"

Ian Rowland


"It's one of the most baffling card tricks I have ever seen... this is a real stunner."

Genii Magazine


"Angelo's mind must be totally 'Out of Order' to come up with something as cunning as this!"

Simon Lovell


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Anthony Owen


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Ted Biet


"It's one of the finest effects I have ever seen. As a magician with 45 years experience, I have never seen a card trick that works so well and is so baffling. To think I waited 45 years for magic like yours."

Brian Richardson


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Michael Mander


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Dieter Kempf


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Paul Abbey


"Superb! Your Out of Order is perfect for walk around."

Gary Jones


"Possibly the BEST table hopper on the market."

Geoffrey Radford


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Peter Drayton


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Joe Stevens


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John Duffty


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Vic Conners


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Alan Harris


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Patrick Vollmer


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S. Giridharan


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Neville Cooper


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Massimo Polidoro